For Sale: The Most Expensive Homes In America's Most Expensive ZIP Codes

This home in Manalapan 33462 is on the market for $48.9 million making it the town's second most expensive. This year, 33462 ranks as the most expensive ZIP code in the country. (Jack Elkins. Andy Frame Photography)

 The market for ultra-high-end homes is softening. Across the U.S. prices are less exuberant than they were a year or two ago, but high eight- and nine-figure asking prices have not disappeared altogether. Here we highlight homes with the highest (or close to it) list prices in the most expensive ZIP codes in the country.
Don't have $20 million to drop on a house? Never fear, we also found some beautiful median priced homes for you. (Warning: these may also cause sticker shock.)
 1-mostexpensivehomes_33462With a list price of $48.9 million this palatial estate is the second most expensive in Manalapan, Fla. 33462, asking six times the median price in most expensive town in America this year. At 30,000 square-feet it is also 11-times the size of the average American home built today. Bonus: It comes fully furnished.
 2-mostexpensivehomes_10075This townhouse is asking $38.5 million, five-times the median price in 10075. A handful of historic and costly townhouses on the market like this one propelled this portion of Manhattan's Upper East Side to the No. 2 spot on our list. This ZIP barely broke the top 100 in 2015.
 3-mostexpensivehomes_94027This $19 million home would not have been Atherton's most expensive a year ago. Sales $20 million-plus slowed in this Silicon Valley town. Tech and venture capital execs that live in 94027 may be waiting for the market to improve to list. The median price of a listing here is down nearly a third to $7.2 million.
 4-mostexpensivehomes_11962The Hamptons are known for expensive beach homes and Sagaponack 11962 is the priciest part of this Long Island getaway. At $38.995 million this home, with it's modern twist on the classic Hamptons shingles, is asking more than five-times the Sagaponack median of $7.01 million.
 5-mostexpensivehomes_10065The asking price for this Fifth Avenue classic was recently lowered to $96 million from $120 million, but it is still among the most expensive in all New York. The floors of this 20 room duplex are connected by a grand staircase. Original 1931 moldings are still in place. The median price in 10065 is $6.94 million.
  6-mostexpensivehomes_10028Median for 10028: $6.3 million
This home: $29.95 million
Median for 10012: $6.3 million
This home: $58.5 million
Median for 94022: $6.1 million
This home: $12.9 million
Median for 10014: $5.8 million
This home: $48.5 million
Median for 91302: $5.7 million
This home: $22 million
Graphics by Holly Warfield.

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