4 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs


No two entrepreneurs have all the same qualities, but a few key characteristics unite most successful business owners. If you want to excel as an entrepreneur, consider nurturing in yourself the following four traits.


The most successful entrepreneurs know how to stretch a dollar, whether they’re taking advantage of low rates through Avant personal loans or switching merchandise suppliers to shave a few pennies off every shipment. They don’t throw money at problems or amass tremendous amounts of debt.
No matter how much money many successful entrepreneurs earn, they find ways to cut costs. Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, resists the urge to spend lavishly on cars and clothes, instead favoring modest possessions and a simple, minimalist lifestyle.
Entrepreneurs can express frugality in many ways. They might shop around for different loan options, make conservative investments, and encourage their employees to work from home when possible. The more money an entrepreneur saves, the more stable his or her business becomes.

Early Rising

Many successful entrepreneurs rise before dawn no matter what time they fall asleep in the evening or how much time they spend at work. According to Forbes, early risers often find it easier to anticipate problems and to find proactive solutions, which improves their chances of success in the business world.
This doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should neglect sleep. To meet the challenges of running a business, entrepreneurs need to fit adequate rest into their routines. Going to bed earlier and winding back the alarm clock can turn night owls into early risers who find it easier to meet the challenges of the day.
Additionally, entrepreneurs can fit power naps into their afternoons if they need to catch up on sleep. Writing for WebMD, Jennifer Soong identifies several benefits of power naps, including decreased sleep deprivation and reduced dependence on coffee and other caffeine sources.

Sense of Fun

Entrepreneurs who genuinely love their jobs often experience more success. They bring passion and purpose to every task on their to-do lists and they relish opportunities to start new projects or launch fresh marketing campaigns. If you don’t love your business, you can’t nourish its progress effectively.
Every entrepreneur experiences off days. You might like some tasks more than others, but your belief in the business itself should help you power through those less-than-enjoyable obligations. Plus, your love for your business will be obvious to vendors, suppliers, and customers.


Great leaders make successful entrepreneurs. They know they can’t accept responsibility for every success in their businesses and they recognize the value of each member of their teams. They know how to delegate effectively and how to motivate the people who work for them.
Every entrepreneur should understand the differences between management and leadership. Cultivating leadership skills helps keep the business running smoothly from the top down.
None of the four traits on this list requires innate talent or skill. Entrepreneurs can learn and develop these traits so they can better lead their companies to success.
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