From McDonald's To Carnival Cruises, The World's Biggest Restaurants, Hotels And Casinos

It’s not easy to build a big business out of bites, beds or bets. Indeed, just 26 of the 2000 largest public companies in the world hail from restaurants, hotels and leisure (think casinos and cruise ships). However, those that succeed lay claim to some of the mot ubiquitous and recognizable brands on the planet.

The Global 2000 is FORBES’ annual ranking of the planet’s largest and most powerful public companies and is based on four equally-weighted metrics: revenue, profit, assets and market value. The 2016 list includes companies from 63 countries. In the last year,these companies together produced $35 trillion in revenue and $2.4 trillion in profit. They have combined assets worth $162 trillion and a total market value of $44 trillion. (Here’s how we crunched the numbers.
McDonald's MCD -0.44% tops the leisure list and falls at 189 on the overall Global 2000. In the past year, the fast food standard bearer did $25 billion in revenue and $4.8 billion in profit. Assets are $38 billion and market value is $110 billion. To get there McDonald’s reportedly serves more than 60 million people a day.
Next up in leisure is cruise line Carnival CCL +2.12% (#311 overall) with sales of $15.8 billion, profit of $1.9 billion, assets of $38.4 billion and a market value of $37 billion. In 2014, Carnival–which in addition to it’s namesake line is parent to brands including Holland America, Princess and Costa cruises–isestimated to have carried 4.7 million passengers.

Third in leisure is Starbucks SBUX -0.28% (#389)–with more than 24,000 stores around the globe–had $20 billion in revenue, profit of $2.5 billion, $12.9 billion in assets and an an $85 billion market cap.

Rounding out the top five casino company Las Vegas Sands LVS +1.70% (#432) and food services conglomerate Compass Group (#467). Among the top 25 in leisure there are 11 hotels, motels or cruise lines; eight restaurants; and six casino companies. North America is corporate home to 16 of the top leisure companies,  Asia claims five and Europe four.
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